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  • Intercom failed, try again later!!!

    I have a Schuberth branded 10UA essentially the same as a Sena 10U My friend has a Sena 10U, we have paired the devices and use Sena RC4 remote controls.He can connect to me and we can talk to each...

  • BMW Garmin Nav V locking up using SMH5

    Morning Rather annoyingly my Sena SMH & BMW Garmin Nav V have developed a problem. I have the SENA SMH5 linked to my BMW Garmin Nav V and linked to my mate’s Sena 10u All works well , I listen to m...

  • SMH5-FM

     Can someone please tell me if ALL SMH5-FMs have a yellow button? I have seen one for sale with a yellow button but no mention of FM. I'd like to upgrade from my non FM SMH5   Thanks