RideConnected App Crashes Repeatedly

I downloaded the latest version of Sena RideConnected App on my iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 16.3.1 and when you attempt to do any of the following...

Add a "Profile Picture"

"Create Team"

"Join Team"

The app crashes...I have seen multiple reviews and forum threads that talk about the "UNRELIABILITY" of Sena's software.

I have NOT purchased any of their hardware products yet, I am assuming I should be able to setup this app without their PI or R2 Evo.

The Sena Cycling app wants to pair to a device first...

Can someone from Sena chime in and help me understand what I need to do to have a stable software app before purchasing the products.

I am also not sure what the difference between both apps.

Is the Sena Cycling app for bluetooth only and RideConnected for mesh?


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