Video Recording

To start video recording, press and hold the Camera Button for 1 second. To stop video recording, press and hold the Camera Button for 1 second.

Below is a table of approximate video recording times to microSD card size in specific resolutions and frame rates.



- MicroSD cards up to 64GB are compatible. Using a Class 10 microSD card is suggested.

- You cannot record videos without a microSD card.

- Your microSD card needs to be formatted using the camera system before using the camera.

- The camera system gives a warning and automatically stops recording when the microSD card is full or the battery becomes low. Your video will be saved before the camera system powers off.

- If the camera system becomes too hot, it gives a high temperature warning. Cool down the camera system before further use.

- The maximum size per video is limited to 4GB. Therefore, when the video reaches the 4GB size limit during recording, it saves and creates a new video to continue recording.


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