Video Mode

Timelapse Video Mode

Timelapse video records series of photos at timed intervals and makes it into a video.

 Loop Recording Mode

Loop Recording mode continuously records videos to create footages of assigned length of time (3 minutes). If the memory reaches maximum, then the oldest footage will be deleted to store the most recent footage.

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    David Dalziel

    I have my 10C Evo set on loop recording which it does (records 3 minute clips) but whilst recording on a journey I got an error message saying memory card is full and the camera stopped recording and turned off. I tried to start recording again and got the same message "memory card full, camera off"

    The oldest footage should have been deleted to make room for the newest footage as described in the instruction. This isn't happening. Any ideas?

    Edited by David Dalziel
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    I have 2 Sena 10C's, version 3.0.4, and they both get the "memory card full, camera off" error when loop mode is on and the card fills up.  The old files are not overwritten. 

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