What is Mesh Intercom?

Sena proposes using Mesh Intercom™, which provides instant and
Effortless rider-to-rider communication without a pre-grouping process.
Mesh Intercom allows riders to connect and communicate with nearby
users without the need to pair each Bluetooth system together.
The working distance between each R2 EVO in Mesh Intercom can be
up to 900 m (0.5 mi) in open terrain. In open terrain, the Mesh can be
extended up to 3.6 km (2.0 mi) between a minimum of 6 users.
A user can select with channel to use (1-9) using the Bluetooth system.
Separate groups can communicate freely within a channel. Within the
same channel in Mesh Intercom, 6 users can talk at the same time for
an optimized conversation.


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