Universal Intercom Pairing

Universal Intercom allows you to have intercom conversations with
users of non-Sena Bluetooth headsets. Non-Sena Bluetooth headset
can be connected to the Sena Bluetooth system if they support the
Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP). You can pair the Bluetooth system
with only one non-Sena headset at a time. The intercom distance
depends on the performance of the Bluetooth headset to which it’s
connected. When a non-Sena Bluetooth headset is paired with the
Bluetooth system while another Bluetooth device is paired via Second
Mobile Phone Pairing, it will be disconnected.


4. Put the non-Sena Bluetooth headset in Hands-free Pairing Mode. The
    Bluetooth system will automatically pair with a non-Sena Bluetooth


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