Sena 50C external sounds recording issues

After many years I upgraded from my Sena 10C to the new 50C. The earbuds sound and video are a great improvement, but... there's an issue with the recording of the audio when using the camera.

The recording of the voice is perfect, but the external sounds - specifically the bike's engine, are practically muted. Every now and then it seems the mic comes to life and records a few seconds of audio at the proper volume, and then it dies down again. Out of a ~20 minute ride for ex, I may get about 30-60 seconds of "normal" engine sound - all the rest is recorded at a barely audible volume.

Speaking with Sena support they believe it's a hardware issue, and want me to ship them the unit at my expense for warranty evaluation. To me this however seems more like a firmware issue with how they amplify/digitize the HD audio than a hardware one. Before spending money/time for a replacement, has anyone experienced similar issues?


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