Worth keeping the 50C?



  • gl

    I work in IT and am fairly gadget tech savyy.
    Without a doubt its the worst gadget I have ever come across.
    This is hours of wasted time and multiple times compressed
    Setup - nightmare, wifi dongle kept cycling through firmware updates for the device, I resorted to PC installed the software and tried the firmware update their, this failed until I put a formatted sd card in the device.

    Usage, sena voice commands not recognised at all, zero. rolled firmware backwards and forwards, factory and fault resets, no difference.

    littered with bugs, I started a support call, surprise surprise, no response..its verging on criminal how they can miss sell something this bad.

    Its going back, if I was rich id smash it up, film it and put it on utube...

  • Terry Ryan
    Terry Ryan

    i bought this unit at the moto gp in phillip island last year...it has been a pain in the ass...all listed complaints are shared from me...watta rip off..


  • Sena Customer Support
    Sena Customer Support

    Hi BananaFerret, have you try a third phone just in case the first two were faulty, it is a common cause we are seeing that users have multiple defective phones while connecting to their Sena Technologies, Inc devices.

    Are you able to list the random times that the updates have failed so that i can check our logs.

    I would also ask that you try turning your Sena 50C off and then on again, and then turning off your mobile and then turning that on again too, then power cycling your Sena 50C again.

    Many thanks for your purchase, hope you encounter lots of hours enjoyment from your Sena Technologies, Inc product.

  • Sena Customer Support
    Sena Customer Support

    Hi Terry, sorry to hear about your pain in the ass, i

  • Bugrahan Duran
    Bugrahan Duran

    I also had issues connecting my Sena 50C to the PC but then I saw a comment saying "don't use the wifi adapter cable to connect to the pc, use a data cable (type c) instead". And it worked. I've spent so much time with the wifi adapter cable, plugged in/out, reset, etc. And only I had to do was use my phones usb cable.

    The question is: Why wifi adapter cable doesn't work with the PC?

  • Tom (masterX244)
    Tom (masterX244)

    Bugrahan Duran The Wifi adapter cable has a embedded System in the thick end at the A-Side of the cable which is the "host" side and handles the Update. It only takes power from the A-Plug.


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