Honda NT1100 CarPlay and SENA App impossible to use? (Try simple Beats Flex instead?)



  • dani.vuko

    Hi. I just picked my new NT1100. I bought Sena SRL Mesh as well. Today I tried to pair bike with headphones via BT (not turning mash on) and of course bike could not find any device. Then I turned on mesh and bike found connection with strange naming but it was headphones. I followed with plugging usb in bike an then to phone. It took me step further but not directly to carplay. There was strange message on bike display that it recognizes as rider and could not link them at all. I gave up for today. But i am very courious how did you manage to connect sena headphones with carplay so that you could use maps and music in first place? This functionality is mainly what i need, mesh is secondary. Your tip would be more as appreciated!
    Cheers Danijel

  • dani.vuko

    I found out how to connect :)

  • dani.vuko

    With regards to Mash. I hope and count that Sena will make app compatible with carplay to enable it with synced usage!

  • Rune Larsen
    Rune Larsen

    Hi can you please explain what you did 

  • Spyros Konstantinidis
    Spyros Konstantinidis

    How exactly did you manage to connect SENA SRL with Carplay on Honda NT1100. For me although followed the instructions on the manual, EVERY time i try to connect the headset is assigned to passenger. 

    Every time I have to reconnect and pair as it was the 1st time. Any help ?



    Merci pour votre réponse


  • dani.vuko

    Hi guys

    So… you need connect your Sena/Helmet to your bike. How to do that?

      1. You will need to turn off bluetooth (BT) on your phone. If you leave BT on phone, sena will automatically connect to phone and will not be available for bike to find BT connection to SENA. I do this every time I want to use CarPlay.
      2. Then I needed to enable SENA device to be available for connection. I went to configuration menu in SENA/helmet. I got there by pressing middle button for approx. 10 seconds on left side controllers. When voice confirmed I am in configuration menu I tapped + to get to option of making Sena available for BT connection.
      3. Once I did second step I went to motorbike settings and BT paring. I pressed to search for devices and it found my Sena device. This way I paired my bike to Helmet. On display of the bike - top left corner you will see headset simbol which means your headset/sena is connected. And Sena voice will as well confirm connection. It might say that you are connected to phone, but actually you are connected to bike.

    Once Helmet was connected to bike, First I plugged USB cable into bike and then plugged it into Phone. In few second CarPlay was available for me. On bike display (top left corner) along headset symbol you will see BT symbol, which indicates as well CarPlay connection.

    For me so far all good and am very much enjoying the ride along with navigation, music and when needed phone call.

    Hope info helps.

    Safe and fun drive!



  • Honda NT1100
    Honda NT1100

    So I tried this procedure with a minor success like both showed up on the Honda screen and we can hear the same music.

    1. Do a factory reset accordingly to a book on both Senas, SRL MESH Neotec2, and 3Splus. When they off take them close to the NT1100. 

    2. Start Honda NT1100 and then power on SENA SRL with close distance to motorcycle. Select BT on the screen like the book said. Pair as Rider. Sena is looking for a connection at the initial start after factory reset. Only this way I could pair them up together.

    3. Power on second Sena (passenger), 3Splus needed to hold + button to initiate BT connection search. Then Pair it as a passenger unit.

    4. After that I can use CarPlay normally, after start the motorcycle the devices are connected in some moments like 20 sec. Sometimes I need to put the cable again to iPhone.

    Now I have to probably connect the intercoms with each other... 


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