Video tagging AND looping (together) essential for the 10C Evo

On the 10C, and probably on the new 10C Evo, I have to chose between either video looping (not being able to tag videos) or video tagging (saving only tagged videos). It's important for me and other riders to have both features work together. I'll explain.

A rider might only want to save tagged videos of a leisure ride BUT, in the event of a crash, where he might end up unconscious in the ground, he wouldn't be able to tag the video of the accident, and have it deleted by the camera. On the other hand, if a rider wants to loop record in case of an accident, he wouldn't be able to tag memorable moments of his ride to "protect" them from being deleted. If you could both loop AND tag, a crash video would be saved "in the loop" along with the regular tagged videos, being useful for insurance.

Video tagging should be a video mode with the option to enable or disable looping, to record everything temporarily until theres no more space (and delete the oldest clip). The tagged videos could be saved in a separate folder, protecting them from the deletion process of the looping function. This is actually how most dashcams work.

I'm not sure if my explanation is clear, but this feature seems really important for a product meant for motorcyclists. It should really be included in the software. I'd gladly beta test this feature.

Thanks for your time and I really hope this gets impelemented!


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