Freewire transmit quit working last update

2013 Harley Ultra

I got the freewire for exactly what it's made for, to not have to plug into the bike to use the sound system.

I put a Y harness in under the seat so I could use a plug in helmet or the freewire without having to screw around with trying to find a place to have the freewire connected.  The very idea of having a $250 piece of equipment attached to the handlebars means someone didn't think that one through too well.

So I've got one 7-pin connector in the normal place, in the gas tank console.

I also have a 7-pin connector in the tour pack.  That's where I have the freewire.  


I've taken a helmet with a Harley headset and made sure both outlets work with hearing and talking both on intercom and CB.

I have a helmet with the Harley mount.

I have a helmet with just the 20s mount

I have a half helmet with the SPH10H-FM

I talked to a handful of people via CB last week using the 20s mount and the freewire.  I talked to a couple people using the Harley mount with the free wire.  I talked to many people using the Harley mount plugged into the bike.

I've run the 20s on both helmets with both mounts.  It worked fine.  Last week I updated the firmware in the Freewire.  Now I cannot talk on the CB nor can I be heard on intercom.

I've plugged in the Harley headset into both plugs again just to make sure they work, they do.

I've plugged in the cord for the Harley mount from Sena and used the CB all day yesterday (only plugged in)  This is how I found out the mic part of the freewire no longer works.

I've reset the Freewire to factory and repaired with the 20s using the Harley mount.  No mic with the Freewire.  Mic works fine both with the phone and when plugged into the bike with a cord.

I've reset the Freewire to factory and paired it with the 10H-FM.  Mic doesn't work on the Freewire but works fine when making or taking calls.


Help!  Without the mic working on the bike, this Freewire is a waste of money, I can do listening stuff via my phone.  I only bought it (and the 20s) to be able to use the CB wirelessly.


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