FM Notifications

Hi guys

Just want to submit a feature request I have been talking to the Sena Help Desk about over the last month or so. All is contained in the ticket number 148757.

Fundamentally though, the request is to have the FM Radio notifications at the same volume as the normal "Hello, Goodbye" notifications. I have completed factory resets, tried all the presets and even returned the 20S unit for a replacement one and the same issue was in that one also. This points to a firmware issue.

If you are travelling at any speed above 20mph and you turn your 20s on, you can clearly hear "Hello!" and "Phone Connected" as it boots up as it links to my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However, if you turn the FM radio on, the audio of "FM on" is barely audible. The only way to make it audible is if the radio volume is already up uncomfortably loud as the FM radio notifications are linked to the radio volume.

I think this is an issue in the firmware that needs addressing and requires a change The FM notifications should be linked to the overall notifications volume level and not to the FM radio volume. As mentioned above, there is greater detail in ticket number 148757 and the dept above the help desk has agreed, it is a firmware issue and suggested I submit the feature request.

Thanks for all the help so far. 

Best regards




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