free wire mounting

I have a 2016 Road Glide Ultra.  Just yesterday, I received two free wires for my 20s.  I am curious if anyone has any preference on where to mount the freewire for the passenger.  I have not decided to use the strap, and strap it to the crash bar in front of the saddlebags, or, to use the sticky mount, and find another place to mount.  Same thing goes for where I might mount the rider freewire.  At this time, I will just use the strap on the handle bars, but just curious if anyone out there has mounted their free wires with the sticky mount on a different place on their Harleys.


So far, I just have played music through my freewire to my 20s for myself.  I am hoping all of this works when I hook up my passenger to the system, and I can easily talk through the intercom, and play music.




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