free wire mounting



  • Matthew Scarff
    Matthew Scarff

    I have my Freewire mounted in the tour pack on my 2016 Ultra Limited.  I purchased the aftermarket 8' patch cord that connects the Freewire to the back of the head unit and routed it along the frame and into the tour pack.  

    The passenger Freewire (not necessary, you could use the SM10 for the passenger and save a lot of money) could also be installed in the tour pack and the cable could be easily routed into the speaker pod and tied into the existing passenger outlet with a little bit of modification.

    You will want to talk to the passenger via the Sena and not use the Harley intercom.  Basically the only functions you use on the Boom system will be music and the CB.  You will also find it easier to keep your phone synced to the Sena.  I use my phone through the Sena but still have it synced with the Boom so I can see who is calling.  

  • Tridandroid

    I made a Y cable and put it under the seat for the rider.  One side gets plugged into the port that is on the gas tank as normal and I got another cable that I run to the tour pak.  I plug the freewire into that one in the tour pak and keep it plugged into the lighter plug.  That way I don't have anything hanging off the bars or other easily seen place and I can actually lock it without having to disconnect it.


    I'd  do the same with a passenger's freewire and get a splitter for the lighter port for inside the tour pak.


    I don't have my cavalry helmet paired to my phone as I may have one of the wired helmets on.  


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