20S Latest Firmware - Ambient Mic Activated on Phone Search button

The latest firmware has a bug where when you single tap the phone button on the back of the 20s to activate google voice search (or siri search on iphone), it activates the ambient microphone for the duration of the search.  its horrible and sometimes gives horrible feedback and hurt my ears several times.

Trouble ticket said to reset my device, etc which didnt work.

So i borrowed my gf's 20s and upgraded it and it has the EXACT same problem.  a completely different 20s, but same issue on same firmware.  this is a bug right?


anyone else have this super annoying issue?


Also the 20s has so many other issues, on both mine and my gf's unit we cant initial intercom sessions, it ALWAYS says fail.  people have to connect to us.  again, same problem on 2 units.  does the 20s evo fix all these annoying nagging problems?


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