GPS Instructions interrupt 20S Intercom Conversations

Following on from a support request  (#180574) where the results of your internal test on GPS Instructions interrupting Intercom Conversations confirmed that happens when more than two 20S headsets are paired, I request that this shortcoming be addressed in your next firmware release so that your units functions as per specifications stated in the 20S manual.

Below is the feedback from your support desk:-

Per our test: 3 people using Manual (conventional) Intercom (with 665, 550,), it appears that it does interrupt the intercom. This could be a limitation if 3 zumos are connected, for now overlayed GPS Instruction will only work during one on one intercom. Hopefully a future firmware could be able to resolve this case.

Details of the tests performed by myself and colleagues using both Manual Intercom Pairing and Group Intercom are included in other parts of this support case and show that once the number of Sena 20S headsets paired is greater than two the ability to overlay GPS Instructions with Intercom Conversations is lost.

We are more than happy to partake in any Beta tests of new firmware that addresses this issue if you wish.


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