Audio Multitasking Enhancement Request

I just got the 20S EVO and paired it to my wife's SMH-10. I don't like the way Audio Multitasking ("AM") works. I thought that AM would automatically lower the music volume and keep it low whenever the intercom was connected. I didn't know it would only lower the music volume when someone speaks (VOX). This has the effect of the audio continually going up and down during an intercom conversation which is incredibly annoying. I could fix this by turning of AM, in which case the music would pause during intercom conversations, but music sharing only works with Audio Multitasking enabled, so turning off AM means I can't share music with my wife.

PLEASE consider one or both of these enhancement requests:

1. Have the music sharing feature separate from audio multitasking. That is, allow music sharing without audio multitasking being enabled. That will make music pause whenever the intercom is connected and AM is disabled.
2. Add another option to the phone App to choose how AM works. Choices would be to either Pause Music whenever the intercom or phone is connected, Lower Music for the duration of the Intercom conversation or Phone Call, or Use VOX to lower music during Intercom/Phone Call (the current implementation).


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