Prism tube

Hey guys, you used to be on the cutting edge of communications and cameras but it seems you're beginning to lose some ground. Building the prism tube was a great move and the loop system you installed helped its desirability a bunch. However, if you've checked the reviews on the prism tube on Google one of the big complaints is that it's difficult and untimely to get it focused on what you wish to record. There is no way to reference it's viewing direction. Two suggestions, one; increase the loop time to 5, 10, and 20 minutes along with a motion sensor to stop and save upon impact. Two; have the camera Bluetooth to a smart phone so you can keep its viewing angle adjusted properly. Check your competition to see how many options they are building into their cameras. Also a great feature would be to have a second prism tube able to function as a rear viewing camera to capture rear impacts should one occur. Thanks for your consideration and as soon as you upgrade the prism tube to be Bluetooth capable, I'll be buying two of them.

Thanks again, Cliff


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