Integrating 3.5 mm jack with DWO-5

I recently purchased two Bilt Techno 2.0 helmets, and love the Bluetooth and audio functionality, but the wind noise is killing me (and my eardrums, over the long-term)!  I'd like to use some noise-cancelling earbuds instead of the built-in speakers for my daily freeway commute.  The incorporated Sena DWO-5 (based on the SMH5) doesn't have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and I don't believe Sena offers any sort of adaptor, so I'd like to install a jack myself.  The DWO-5 unit is obviously a bit more embedded in the helmet than the standalone SMH-5, so while I don't anticipate any problems splicing in a switched 3.5 mm jack between the unit and the speakers, I'm wondering if anyone has experience opening one of these up without damaging the helmet or the audio hardware. 

Also, I would like to formally request that a headphone jack option be developed for this model.  While users can always just buy a quieter helmet to use with Sena's jack-less standalone units, the fact that the DWO-5 is permanently integrated with a single, very loud, very popular helmet suggests that this would be a very appreciated option.       


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