Schuberth SC1 problem

I bought last month a Shuberth C4 with the SC1 intercom.
In addition to this helmet I bought a Schuberth M1 also with intercom.
When I pair them both through the "universal intercom pairing" option on C4, and a mobile phone chanel on M1, the sound I hear in C4 is very very low.
I have experimented with other brands of intercoms and the result is always the same. The sound of the "universal intercom pairing" channel is practically imperceptible.
In the Schuberth representative in Portugal they told me that this could only be fixed with a firmware update made by SENA.
I would like to know if you are already aware of the problem and wen will you have have a solution for this.

Thank you,
Rui Rodrigues

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