20s audio volume (music playback) gets louder on its own all the time



  • Michael Wendler
    Michael Wendler

    Hello Frank,

    That's exactly the same problem I have with FM radio. But I have this with my 3/4 helmet and also with my full face helmet. And this issue does not happen every ride.

    SENA 20s was already replaced by a new one but the problem still exists. Now I did a downgrade from 1.7.5 back to firmware 1.7.2. - since three days it did not happen again but I will go on testing.

    Did you already use some tape to fix the jog dialer to exclude or confirm the wind hitting the volume dialer (jog dialer)?

    Please let us know your further experiences. Thanks!


  • Frank Fazio
    Frank Fazio

    I agree it's very random on when it happens which is why so hard to diagnosis.

    I do have to mark a spot on the jog dial to see if it is moving because of the wind.  When I do that I will report back




  • Jimdufault

    My bet is that the jog dial is hitting your coat collar or shoulder pads. I had the same issue for awhile, freaked me out!

    What happen is it brushes the jog dial when you turn your head.


    Check it out and see if thats whats doing it

  • Frank Fazio
    Frank Fazio

    um yeah, uh no, it's not that.

  • Mike Keay
    Mike Keay

    did you suss it out? I randomly get same on a 10S

  • John Samsa
    John Samsa

    I have a SENA 20S EVO  that came with my new Harley .. First season on the new bike and I have the same problem... Constant Issue. I'm surprised reading these post that a fix has not been discussed! Where is SENA on this?????  My issue is on a full faced helmet Not very happy with the issue. Looking for some help!



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