The Box on the 30k

I'm president of a motorcycle riding club we have four members thus far that have purchased 30k for communication purposes. I was told that the 30k in the 20s were not intended to use with a half helmet this is not advertised. The issue we have is the Box picks up too much ambient noise Weatherby wind the pipes of the motorcycle or the stereo from the outside speakers it is just not usable if you had when you remote control units that you could push a button to disable the mic and able it would be awesome it would work fantastic LEE the other suggestion I have on disabling the mic on the 30k change the mic button for tapping it to disable Andrea able to Mike and hip for one second two seconds 30 seconds whatever to activate the medicine hat that way disabling re-enabling the mic you don't disable your mesh net by just tapping it that will keep your hands on the handlebars where they belong most of the time


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