My SMH 10 crashes when pausing the music with a bluetooth mp3


There is a crash when I pause the music while using AGPTek ROCKER. It would be nice to fix this bug:

I spent days and emails with your support. Both of my SMH 10 have the issue with the Rocker. My Rocker works fine with my bluetooth speaker and my tv (as a bluetooth speaker). I don't see any bluetooth incompatibility since both of my SMH 10 and my Rocker can be paired, and can switch songs (next and previous), and I can start and pause the music from the Rocker.
There is definitely a crash in SMH 10 since the sound volume changes before the crash is not saved.

It would be nice to at least fix the crash so I don't have turn on again my SMH 10 each time I try to pause the music.

I'm ready to install any debug firmware that you need. Or to send you any logs that you need.


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