Setting date on Sena Cameras

Why is it still so hard to set the date on your cameras, and there is nothing in the user manual?  It is disgraceful how many people are posting on line about struggling with this over many years, and I have struggled with this for many years. The battery goes flat quickly, when the camera is not used, and then the date is lost. 

I have finally managed it after wasting many hours, using the following procedure. 1. My Sena 10C was turned on, and synched with my phone. 2. The camera was turned on, and recording started. 3. In the Sena Utility App, tried to change Date Caption setting, but it will not change while recording. 4. Stopped recording, changed Date Caption setting. 5. Started recording again. 6. Stopped recording. 7. Turned headset off, removed SD card, checked in computer, date on file is now correct.

Please update your instructions, so that all these other users do not have to fight this lack of instruction. PLEASE SORT THIS OUT, AND ADVISE ME WHEN I CAN DOWNLOAD AN UPDATED MANUAL WITH DATE SETTING INSTRUCTIONS!


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