Sena Outride Helmet - Difficulty Initiating Intercom Connections


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Hello Stefan West

    I apologize for the inconvenience you're facing while pairing with your friend via universal pairing. Sometimes, such issues can be caused by the opposite device rather than the SENA Device itself. However, if you haven't experienced this problem before while pairing with their V6 Pro, it might be a concern.

    I have a few questions to better understand the situation:

    1. Has the pairing ever worked before with the V6 Pro?
    2. Could you test if intercom pairing works with other Sena devices?
    3. Would it be possible for your friend to check with the V6 Pro manufacturer if they support Sena devices?

    Even though our devices offer universal pairing, some non-Sena devices might not be compatible with it.

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