Sens st1 poor range and lose the first word


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Hi Jonathan Lachapelle

    Given the scenario with two different devices, troubleshooting could be a bit intricate. My suggestion is to initiate a fault reset on both devices in order to return them to a neutral state and determine if this resolves the issues.

    To perform a fault reset, follow these steps:
    1. Use a paperclip or a similar tool to gently press the reset button located on the back of each device.

    What complicates matters is that the ST1 operates exclusively as a MESH device. Consequently, we are unable to directly test BT pairing with the 50S to ascertain whether the range issue persists. While 100 meters might not seem like a significant distance in terms of mesh coverage, there are several aspects to consider. Mesh functionality excels in group settings, allowing the signals to form a "mesh" similar to a spider web, which enhances both quality and range. For interactions between just two individuals, I generally recommend BT Intercom pairing over mesh intercom, since signal strength diminishes when devices are distant from each other.

    Environmental factors also play a role. Without knowing your specific riding location and surroundings, it's possible that certain factors are introducing interference into the signal. As a rough guideline, we usually expect around 2500 meters (approximately 1.5 miles) of range in an open field.

    Could you provide further details about your riding conditions, the type of area you frequent, and any other pertinent information? If this issue potentially stems from an ST1 chipset problem, the most definitive way to determine it would involve testing in an open field at the same distance, if feasible.

    Feel free to share more information so that I can offer more precise guidance.

    Best regards,

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