Features turn on/off on its own



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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Could you please provide a concise description of the issue you're facing? Alternatively, if you have a support ticket number, sharing it would help me look up your case for more details and assistance.

  • Jeff frishof
    Jeff frishof

    Alex really I am very very disappointment in Sena and how they handle tech support issues. By email is a waste of time since all I get is a basic response. I need to actually speak with some one. So yes there is a ticket but I'm done with that method of response from the company.  This is a Harley Branded set of two. It drops bike to bike a lot and helmet to helmet also.  In addition, when we're parked with the units on, others on Harley standard systems, (cabled) come through our helmet speakers and we can talk back n forth. So if you really want to assist me then lets talk on the phone. 


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