Sen 50S latest firware update issues



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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Please make sure to press the small indentation located at the rear of the device in order to reset any faults. This is a recommended step to take after performing a device update. Once you have done so, kindly inform me of your observations.

    The latest version, v2.3.1, addresses the following issues:


    • Resolved a bug related to Speed Dial functionality.
    • Fixed an issue where the volume would automatically switch to match the mobile phone volume during phone calls.
  • Trey Godwin
    Trey Godwin

    I just updated one of my two Sena 50s and am having a similar issue. I just accidentally updated the second one which was still on 2.2 the issue I am having is when I start my music before I get on the bike everything works properly. The moment I get on my bike and begin to ride, the noise from the motor, wind, etc makes the Bluetooth cut in and out continuously to where I essentially can’t hear anything. I’ve tried adjusting settings to either low or completely off but nothing works


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