Sena 30K Mesh Not Working



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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    once the battery bulges, the mesh chip has a 50/50 chance of being damaged, in this case that what has happened. although, if your device is under warranty we will replace it. 


  • Conleymm

    seems as if you know, you have a problem with the battery that causes a problem with the Sena electronic chip, you’d figure a way to compensate your customers for this design defect.

  • KateWinslet

    Once the battery bulges, there's a 50/50 chance the mesh chip gets damaged. If it's under warranty, we'll replace it.

  • Carlos Parra
    Carlos Parra

    Hola; a mi me sucedió lo mismos con mi Sena 30K. Y lo más triste es que también se encuentra vencida la garantía. Si esta es una falla recurrente en este dispositivo; ¿cómo Sena nos puede ayudar?

  • Marcanthonydorn

    I had the same Problem one one of my 30k´s.


    But i managed to fix it, i took it apart and applied slight presure on the mesh communication chip while turnig mesh on, and it worked.

    So i resoldered the area that i supplied pressure to and now its working again without any problems.

    on my device it was a bad solder joint of the chip that caused the issue.

  • Anatoliy Padzhev
    Anatoliy Padzhev

    Hello, Marcanthonydorn! What is the chip did You resolder? I didn't found what chip is made for MESH


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