10c -- default camera power up mode settable through config/app

There really needs to be

Wish it had a way to save the device start up mode regarding the camera... meaning, i really wish there was a way to set it up through the app, or through the menus in the camera, so that you could decide what mode the unit power up into. I REALLY wish i could choose whether powering on the unit would automatically turn on the camera, or leave it off. I would also LOVE to be able to choose whether, if the camera was automatically turned on, if it would start recording, loop recording, or enter tagging mode. I really wish There was a mode for the camera button that made it operate so that, if the camera was OFF, you could press the camera button briefly, and the camera would just turn on and start recording, and then if you pressed the camera button again, it would just stop & save the recording and turn the camera off.

None of this >>> "press the camera button to turn the camera on,  hold the button for 5 eternally long seconds JUST to enter tagging mode, then ANOTHER few LONG seconds to actually begin the tagging"??

I need to a.) keep hand on handlebars as much as possible, and b.) not MISS things i wanted to record because it took SO LONG to 1.) turn camera on, then 2.) enable tagging, then 3.) start tagging... it takes FOREVER.



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