iPhone, SR10, and SMH10

I want to use an SR10 to relay my RADAR detector's audio alerts to my SMH10.  I also have an iPhone 4S.  I understand that the SR10 muxes inputs and sends them to the SMH10 via the HFP connection, so what I was wondering was, is it possible to do this:

  • connect the iPhone to the SR10 via HFP
  • connect the RADAR detector to the SR10 via audio cable
  • connect the SR10 to the SMH10 via HFP
  • connect the iPhone to the SMH10 via A2DP and AVRCP


I was thinking that if I paired the iPhone with the SMH10 first, and then paired the SR10 with the SMH10, then the SR10 would replace the iPhone in the HFP slot, but the iPhone would still occupy the A2DP and AVRCP slots.  Then I pair the iPhone with the SR10 and I'm golden.  Will that work?



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