firmware 4.0: Incoming call doesn't ring

I just got an SMH10 and upgraded it to firmware 4.0 before I started using it. I used it yesterday for the first time and it seemed to work perfectly except that it doesn't ring when I have an incoming phone call. I have now performed the following test cases with related results:

Test Platform:

SMH10B headset

HTC Thunderbolt phone w/Android 2.3.4, paired for HTP only

Ipod Touch w/iOS 5.1, paired for A2DP only



- listening to music from iPod when phone call comes in. Result: does not ring (phone handset does ring), music plays uninterrupted

- listening to music from iPod, then pause music from iPod, then phone call comes in while music is not playing. Result: does not ring

- listening to music from iPod, see incoming call on phone display (or hear handset ringing), press Phone button (on SMH10). Result: call connects and conversation occurs as normal. Phone call ends and music resumes.

- listening to music from iPod, then pause music from iPod, then make outgoing phone call, converse as normal, hang up, then receive incoming call. Result: hear phone ringing through headset (as expected), press Phone button (on SMH10) to answer and converse as normal.


So, to summarize, everything about making and receiving calls works as expected EXCEPT, once I start listening to music from my iPod (even if then stop it), I will not hear my phone ringing (in the SMH10 headset) until I have stopped playing music from my iPod and then used my phone for for a call.


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