SMH10 and HTS Thunderbolt with MP3 Audio

SHM10 paired to Thunderbolt for Audio and Phone ("Phone and Media" mode, not HFP). 

If I do nothing else, but press the jog dial for the requisite two seconds, the Media player starts and starts playing....


OK - well - at least it is linked, I stop the ringtone playing and start WinAmp and then it seems to behave normally (however I have at least once had BOTH playing - I think I started the Media playing the ringtones - before I knew that was what it was, then went into WinAmp and hit Play - hoping that would stop the 30-second pieces, but all it did was start whatever Winamp was waiting to play!)


Is there any way to either:

A: insure that the Thunderbolt is playing ... something .. from my Music collection, and not just start at the top of the Ring Tone stack when the jog dial is pressed for two seconds? or

B: insure that the SMH10 selects the WinAmp player on my phone when the jog dial is pressed (frankly, I don't see how really as this is probably something the Thunderbolt decides)?

Loving the SMH10, but feel operation with the Thunderbolt may also require me to insure my gloves have either a little button or conductive thread on the fingers so that I can insure I can control the phone manually while riding.



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