SMH10 Firmware upgrade on Mac

Using Sena Device Manager 1.2, logged in as admin and tried to update to v4, but it ALWAYS fails saying it cannot backup current firmware for restore (or words to that effect). This raises several questions:-

Why is it failing like this? Currently there's just no getting past this.

Why on earth does it disable Bluetooth so you have to restart the Mac afterwards? I know this has been asked before, but no answer has been forthcoming. It has to be answered though since there is NO apparent reason why it has to mess with the Mac's Bluetooth in the first place as it is connected via USB.

Unfortunately this all rather indicates the developers of this software really have no idea what they are doing. I hope I'm wrong and some response from Sena on this subject would help to reassure.

When connected to SMH10, the device manager displays in the top right that it is an SMH10 and below it, "v 3.0". Is that the hardware version or the currently installed firmware version? I suspect the latter, but is that how we establish what version is currently installed?


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