A2DP Audio Dropout

I just updated my SMH10 from firmware v3.3 to v4.2. I pretty much immediately started experiencing audio dropout while listening to music via A2DP from my Samsung Galaxy S3. This phone worked flawlessly with the SMH10 until the firmware upgrade and still works flawlessly with the head unit in my car. I have noticed that there are two settings that might affect this in the v4.2 firmware, one of which was in the v3.3 firmware and appears to be set differently. EDR - Enhanced Data Rate - this is in both v3.3 and v4.2 and was defaulted to on in v3.3 but off in v4.2 - the info box on this says it should be off/disabled except with certain built in systems like BMW, etc - could this be causing audio dropout? what does it do in the Sena implementation? the higher data rate speced by BT 2.0 adn BT 2.1 +EDR _should_ be helpful for audio streaming in normal implementations. The specs for the SMH10 state BT 3.0 but not the +HS so this shouldn't interfere with other parts of BT 3.0 High Quality A2DP -this option is only in v4.2 (at least in my specific case, I'm not sure when it made it into the firmware in general and it's not important) -in my case it is defaulted to on -the info button says turn it off if you experience audio dropout -what is this option really for? -should this be used in conjunction with or not with EDR? I'm hoping you can better explain the Sean implementation of these features so I can try and clear up my audio dropout issues without reverting to v3.3 Thanks (sorry for the crappy formatting - I can not seem to get line breaks to work in this forum)


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