SMH10 intalled, mp3 from Iphone cuts out when background noise increases

I hope this is not the stupidest question ever, but when I am completely still, no back ground noise, everything works well. Mp3 music from Iphone works, cuts out when I speak with a quiet voice, intercom works perfectly when I speak with a quiet voice and i even managed to answer a phone call from the phone. All this changes when the noise levels increase, like engines are running in a group, lots of wind noise, heavy breathing from me. At that point I am constantly transmitting to the other paired unit. I know I can set this up as "Press to talk" but I chose this unit because of the handsfree functions. I am hopelss with tech but my instinct is telling me the microphone is too sensitive for the environment I am using it in, it picks up the background noise and is trying to transmit it. Is it possible to turn the mic down so I have to shout a little in my helmet? Will this prevent the unit from transmitting constantly when we are riding?


PS centre devise manager stalls at 12% on latest install. I have tried installing and uninstalling several time, what can I try next?


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