SMH10 + Droid Bionic Voice command problems resolved - sharing


I've had an SMH-10 for about 6 months.  I've had persistent problems with my Bionic phone.  Voice command would work at first, but after a time, they would stop working.  The 4.0 firmware patch made it more reliable, but it still wouldn't work all the time.

Verizon just released the Ice Cream Sandwich patch to the Bionic, and I discovered a new setting in Bluetooth that was not there before.

Under "Settings / Security & Screen Lock" there is now an option described as follows:

"Allow Bluetooth Bypass.  Allow Voice Commands to be launched via Bluetooth Multi-function button while device is locked."

I set this option after upgrading to ICW, and voice commands have been rock solid reliable ever since.  My supposition is that I was having problems because I would put the phone in my pocket, start riding, and the screen lock on the phone would engage.  From that point forward, my Bionic would not respond to Voice Commands.  Either that, or something else in ICS fixed the problem.  In any event, this side-effect of upgrading my phone to ICS made all the pain worthwhile!

Just thought I'd share.,



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