iphone 5 and SHM10 v4.1



  • Edoardo Regini
    Edoardo Regini

    I have a similar problem with iphone 5s and firmware 4.2. From this thread: http://support.senabluetooth.com/entries/22063223-SMH10-bluetooth-problem

    it seems like you could try the following: enable EDR instead of  A2DP (from Sena Device Manager's Device Setting).

    I'll give it a try asap, hopefully this will fix it

  • Fabio Duarte
    Fabio Duarte

    Iphone 6 is not pairing with SHM10 . What firmware corrects this ?



    Fabio Duarte

  • Pablo Motta
    Pablo Motta


    If you have just updated your iphone OS, you may have to power cycle it. Current OS updates on the iphone has been an issue lately.

    You should not have any issue with any version of the firmware on the SMH10. 5.1 is the current version and we have paired a iphone 6 with no problem. Make sure you factory reset the smh10 after a firmware update. 

    To pair the smh10, press and hold the "small" button (Phone button) for 5 seconds until the red and blue LED starts to flash.



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