Dual pack SENA smh-10, after pairing no sound

I have one of the first generation SMH10's bought almost 3 years ago, I am really pleased with them that I don't want to replace them and currently don't have the money to :P.

What I have is kind of akward problem.

I have used the following items fro troubleshooting:

  • 1 SMH10 from the duo pack (dates back to june 2010), lets call this D1
  • 1 SMH10 as replacement for a broken SMH10 (replaced june 2012), lets call this D2
  • the 2 SMH10's are paired together
  • 3 helmets with clamps 
  • 2 phone's with bluetooth enabled and paired to the SMH10's separately

The problem I experience:

The two SMH10's can be used to make calls, when making a call, the microfoon and speakers in the helmet work as expected.

The two SMH10's speakers works fine when connected with a 3.5mm jack

However when the two SMH10's are paired I can hear speech coming from D1 in D2, but D1 cannot hear speech coming from D2, instead there is some static noise. Swapping D1 and D2 on to different helmets always results in the same issue.

So the question is now, which device is faulty. (Since it is replaced a year ago I still have warranty on D2, I assume it carries a 2 year warranty)

If some one can help me that would be great!



ps. is there a service centre in Europe?


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