12v Power adapter capabilities?



  • Eddiepants

    It could be the phone needs the charger made for it or the sena chargers can't supply enough power for the phone. Will your phone charge from a usb port on a computer. 

    Or can you use the phone charger to charge the SMH-10s ?

  • Terry Wysocki
    Terry Wysocki

    The phone is able to charge on ANY charger I've given it so far: usb/computer, Garmin chargers, and a slew of other 12v car adapters. The only problem is the Sena 12v car adapters. They only work on the SMH10s and NONE of my other devices. I agree with your conclusion that they're putting out a very low amperage - just enough for the SMH10 and my other usb devices need more. Too bad they can't be used globally, like all the other adapters I've tried.

  • Zippy Gg
    Zippy Gg

    I would like to be able to power the SM10 from the 12V wiring on my BMW bike.

    I was able to do this by mutilating the cigarette lighter adapter but I would like a clean solution from Sena.  Any plans to offer a direct wire cable?


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