Ruggedized Version or Perhaps Just Better Construction??


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  • Stan Gregory
    Stan Gregory

    I totally agree with you regarding the unit being so fragile. Fortunately SENA has a great warranty policy. My last unit was repaired without a question a few months back. Unfortunately it has been broken again. It would be great in my opinion if I could just purchase the headband and replace it myself. I don't mind sending it in for repairs it just that I have to do without this model while it is being repaired. I own 4 set in different models for different riding applications and different helmets. It is a fantastic product!   

    Possibly something as simple as a small spring wire molded into the headband could resolve the problem. I plan to modify mine after this repair to prevent breaking again. I did see several post where they are using electrical tape to help support the headband. There has to be a better answer than electrical tape! Again, C'mon guys let's find a good fix for a GREAT product.


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