Does Anyone Else Appreciate SENA?



  • Joshpalmer67
    Hey I wanted to say also, that I'm very happy with my Sena products. I have 2 units that I've had for almost 2 years, and I had one damaged unit replaced thru the warranty with no cost or difficulty( I had an older unit and pins were breaking off). I'm looking to get a third unit and the 20s looks to be by far the most advanced Bluetooth headset out there. Even the current smh10 seems much more user friendly than the other units out there.
  • Mdroady

    I have to say the Sena customer focus is outstanding. I bought a sena5FM on ebay, purportedly brand new and unregistered. I had a problem with the charging connector and sent it in for warranty repair or replacement. I was sadly informed that the unit I bought had been previously registered and was ineligible for warranty repair or replacement. A day later Sena called me asking if I could produce a document showing my purchase. I submitted a receipt and a copy of the eBay listing stating it was a brand new unused unit. To my surprise and complete satisfaction, Sena sent me a brand new replacement unit as a goodwill gesture. They have a customer for life and I will tell my story whenever M/C communication comes up. I have since bought two more products from Sena and wholeheartedly recommend them, both for their product and their customer focus. Buy with confidence from this company! Thanks Sena!


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