Managing Wind Noise with SMH10 and Open Face Helmets

After years of riding with Cardo Scala units (Q2 and Q2 Pro) for intercom/music/phone, I made the switch to the Sena SMH10. Easy to install, a snap to program, these units are superior to the Cardos in all aspects except one...wind noise with an open-face helmet. I realize that Sena chose to go the route of using a single mic element as opposed to the dual-element design of the Cardos (this design is also used in aviation headsets) and attempts to use firmware to compensate for wind noise, but leaves something to be desired. I ride a 2008 FLHT with a tall(er) windshield and the traditional batwing fairing, and wind noise above 45 mph makes intercom use somewhat challenging...so I tried a couple of things: 1. I installed the small x-clip that came with the Senas to block off the holes in the front of the mic. 2. I used their Device Manager to turn Mic Boost OFF. 3. I turned VOX Intercom OFF. This didn't help much with the noise, but kept from tripping VOX as it was turned off. Then I came across this website: [url=http://www.windsockwinddeflector.com]L & T Enterprises Presents "The Wind Sock" Wind Deflector[/url] They make plastic wind deflectors for intercom systems in a variety of sizes, so I ordered their WD-20 and WD-30 deflectors for testing. The WD-20 is a snug fit, and I'll be testing it with an external foam sock over it. I DID test their WD-30 unit, which is larger and includes an end cap with a hole for the mic boom. I covered the Sena mic with a foam mic sock, then installed the WD-30 deflector. The foam sock takes up the extra space inside the deflector so it doesn't rotate on the mic. BIG difference; made a cell call to the wife and rode at speeds up to 65 mph...she said she could hardly hear any wind at all during the call, and the voice quality was good. I also use the Sena to give commands to the iPhone for nav and music, and Siri didn't have the problems it had before at higher speeds. I'll report back after further testing, and try the smaller WD-20 cover and re-enable VOX.


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