Zumo 660 BT music to 20S



  • Ilpo Lehto
    Ilpo Lehto

    As what I know so far... 20S don't have a device manager...yet.


  • Marc Woo
    Marc Woo

    @Ian: You will want to use the Phone Pairing method as described in section 5.4.2 GPS Pairing as Mobile Phone when pairing the Zumo 660 to the 20S when you are prompted to place the headset into Discoverable Mode. Also, when pairing the Zumo 660 to the 20S, you will want to be in the Audio section of the Zumo 660's Bluetooth settings. After you have scanned and added the 20S to the Audio section of the Zumo 660 make sure that Media volume level in the Volume settings on Zumo 660 is not set at a low volume.

    Futhermore, make sure that you are hearing audio from the internal speakers of the Zumo 660 while a headset is not paired/connected to the GPS.


    An update for the Sena Device Manager so that the 20S will be recognized will come out shortly.

  • WMR

    works like a charm, but the music over BT from the zumo 660 to the sena 20s is terrible!  I think that's the zumo 660 fault for not transferring stereo sound over Bluetooth.


  • Ian Newby
    Ian Newby


    Thank you for the assistance, I can now hear the instructions and music.



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