Replacement accessories for Sena Prism.



  • Peter Cullen
    Peter Cullen

    I also lost mine in the first week so I went to Bunnings(Australia Hardware store) & got a cap for a chair leg - 23mm diameter - 4 for $1 !! - fits better than the original - I also attached a cord to the cap (put on the outside !! - I initially drilled a hole through the cap & tied a knot on the inside - the bloody knot scratched the lens but luckily it hasn't affected the photos, even though the lens looks crazed.

    Note: Sena do not provided lens replacement & the lens cant be repaired though suggestions have included polishing with toothpaste on a cotton bud & cleaning off with nail polish remover - "iso propyl alcohol was another suggested cleaner - I used to use this to clean the tape machine heads back in my computer operator days) - those with a Go Pro also cant get a replacement lens!!


  • Sena

    @Colin, you can contact our Technical Support department and they will be able to assist you. Here is how you can contact them:

  • Davefrancindy
    I purchased a Sena Prism camera..on inspection we find a large crack in the locking tab on the clear waterproof case...I contacted the support straight far this was 5 days ago and I have still had no reply...Senas support side is rubbish...a product is only as good as the backing a company gives it this unfortunately does not hold with Sena.


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