10U - BMW Nav IV - IPhone 5: no stereo music from the Nav IV

I would like to use my new 10U as I've been doing with my Schuberth SRC. IPhone paired to the Nav iv, then the Nav iv paired as "mobile phone" to the 10U. All devices with the last firmware versions available.

I've followed the instructions and already read everything available in forums, etc. I've tried to follow steps noted in another posts mainly as follows:

1. Deleting all previous pairings in the Iphone, the Nav iv and the 10U.

2. Pairing the IPhone to the Nav iv.

3. Pairing the Nav iv to the 10U as main "mobile phone".

When this steps done, sometimes I succeded in having stereo music, what happens if I see in the screen of my Nav iv the music icon in the map. Nevertheless when I switch off everything and I switch on again devices pair... but when I launch music from my Nav iv is only in mono and there is no music icon anymore remaining like that whatever was the order in switching on the devices. At the beginning I though it could be the Iphone paired with the Nav iv but the issue remain when I drop the IPhone paired with the Nav iv.

If music is on and I switch off the 10U music is heard on the internal speakers of the Nav iv... which is supposed is a feature only for the zumo 660 and not for the Nav iv...

Any idea how this "basic" configuration can work as expected with stereo music from my Nav iv which is my main reason in having purchased the 10U? 

Thanks in advance


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