This is getting ridiculous. Have a two month old, state of the art Mac Pro running OSX 10.10.5 and just got my Sena 10c from Amazon. Unboxed it, installed it on my helmet, took some test footage, and then went to my computer to check it to see if I have the mounting right. Nope, nothing showing up on my desktop at all. Maybe it needs a firmware update?

Registered and downloaded the Sena Bluetooth Manager with it's horribly translated English, but I can't even get my device recognized with it connected to the 10c. In case it was my USB cable (which works with other devices, but you never know), I used the one included with the 10c, and same result. Press the next button after powering down the 10c, connecting it, and then powering it back up to put into pairing mode, it just sits there spinning. Won't quit, can't stop it unless I do a force stop.

The stance of "we recommend using Windows" is NOT an excuse. It's 2015 now, not 2005, and we live in a world where Mac computers are commonplace in the home, not a tiny minority. 


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