Sena 10C - Camera freezes if lense angle is changed



  • Vuthy Lat
    Vuthy Lat


    I couldn't figure out why my camera wouldn't work and it just beep - after reading your post, it is due to changing the camera angle.  I have the latest firmware v1.0.3 and it is still doing all the symptoms you described in your original post. 


    SENA GODS - any advice or recommendations?



  • Vdv2002

    Although my 2 friends and I have new 10C's (v1.0.2 to v1.0.4) and not experienced this problem, I suspect it could be a product defect that needs to be returned to Sena for repair. This is because the CCD chip is bonded to the lens assembly for 60deg alignment rotation to work and therefore needs a movable wiring loom or coupling to connect to circuit board. The symptoms sound like that movable connection is fragile once moved off centre that causes a short or reset and has nothing to do with firmware, just mechanical wiring.

    P.S - My problem is that all my videos are saved as MOV files on SD card when I expected them to be MP4. I have tried of 4 different Windows PC's and don't own Apple, I even re-formatted SD in FAT32 on PC but made no difference and my friends 10C does likewise. What format does yours record? 

  • Chance Jones
    Chance Jones

    My issue was resolved by getting a warranty replacement - Sena support was great.

    All my files are .MOV as well.  I normall use VLC to play back the videos, but Windows Media player has no problem playing them as well.


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