10S Intercom Connection Issue

Longtime SENA user. Had the ORIGINAL SMH-10's (no USB) and the SR-10. Original SMH-10s were upgraded to the USB version. Just purchased 2 new 10S in Dual Pack. One for each bike. Smartphones are iPhone 6S. Updated to latest firmware. Did full factory reset. 10S units are properly paired to each other. We are very familiar with the proper usage of the devices.


Device settings

Firmware ver 1.1

Audio Boost ON


VOX Intercom OFF

HD Intercom ON

Voice Prompt ON

High Quality A2DP ON

Sidetone OFF

Advanced Noise Control ON


2 Preset FM Stations


1 Preset Phone Speed Dial


Units are only PAIRED to each other. No other pairings.


Here is the issue with the 10S units that we did not have with the SMH-10 units. If both my wife and I are listening to music from our iPhones, and either one of us attempt an intercom connect, the MAJORITY of the time, we get a intercom failed message. If neither one of us are listening to music from our iPhones, the intercom connection works as expected. Our SMH-10s did not have this issue.


What I have discovered is one of us had to stop the music streaming. Wait about 20 seconds, then attempt the intercom connection. That procedure works 100% of the time. With the SMH-10's neither one of us had to disable the music streaming, before attempting an intercom connection.


Mark H

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