10S/iPhone 6S - Intercom connection issue when streaming audio

Has anyone experienced a fairly consistent intercom connection issue with the 10S and iPhone 6S, when the other party is using the exact same equipment.


We (wife and I) have 2 fairly new 10S units, and 2 fairly new iPhone 6S phones. If we are both streaming audio from our iPhones to our 10S units, and either one of us attempt an intercom connection, most of the time we will receive the intercom failed prompt. If either one of us re-boot the 10S, and attempt an intercom connection, prior to streaming audio, it connects 100% of the time.


I have also noticed if we stop the audio steaming prior to an intercom connection attempt, it will connect 100% of the time.


Both iPhones have latest iOS 9.3.2, and both 10S units have latest firmware 1.1.1.


Sena has agreed to RMA both units, however I find it difficult to believe both units have the same issue. Seems more like a firmware/software Sena issue too me.


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