iPhone App that enables SMH10 to connect and iPhone Manage Video

I've been using my SMH!0 with my iPhone4S . I have a Shoei RF1100 closed in helmet. The system works great (and with Siri too). Recently I've mounted my iPhone higher using a Ram Mount on my R1200GS so it has a clear view of the road ahead. It's easy enough to start and stop the video although would be easier if I could do it with the SMH10.  Currently any video that's recorded just collects the ambient bike and road noise around me. What I want is to be able to provide the live voice over from my helmet while on the go. Given the voice clarity I get when talking to others... it would be fine. 

There's already a product / app out there that is similar. From Scosche it is called "Freedom Mic". I've had no success trying to use this app with the SMH10.  It was designed for a lapel mic and to be able to use the iPhone to record a live presentation etc.  So the proof of concept exists and works. 

So... the Sena App would replace the iTunes function when activated. A simple firm hold would launch and start the video recording. Similarly, another firm push would stop it. There are a few other complexities I know.  It would be nicer if this app could be a "third party" recording the commentary of rider and passenger when required too as an option although I imagine a pairing issue with this. 

If you know of another bluetooth program/app that will enable me to do this ... please let me know. 



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